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Eating Bubur Ayam Morning

Eating Bubur Ayam Morning - Tempe Bacem, who does not know the food on this one? Tempe bacem enter the ranks of traditional food is still popular. Especially the Java community who is familiar with the food on this one. Even the Jakarta began making tempe bacem innovation by making brand Tempe bacem Jakarta. Archipelago cuisine is savory and sweet, reinforced by an attractive color from red sugar. It is conceivable, sugar and other spices seep into it.

Tempe bacem already well known by the public archipelago since time immemorial. Bacem Tempe is actually derived from the spice bacem which has been famous since the days of the ancestors of the kingdoms of Java. This Bacem give to a food preservation and is usually used for tempeh or tofu. For bacem tasty tempeh recipe is easy because it uses only coconut water which makes the taste of sweet and savory. Moreover penyantapan bacem tempeh is done together family and closest colleagues; must have been incredible joy.

In addition Bacem Chicken Recipes that have tremendous health value, Tempe bacem also has a high protein content. Want to know how to make tempeh bacem tasty and tender? Yuk listened well Recipes Indonesia explain below!

Make Capcay Delicious Very Easy

Make Capcay Delicious Very Easy - Who does not know hodgepodge? Gado gado is a food that consists of steamed vegetables earlier and mixed with peanut sauce very tasty. Gado gado is a typical food of the archipelago which until now has favored the people of Indonesia. Gado gado is not only good for eat, but also including food cheap and populist. Eating gado gado also not make you fat, you know, because this meal is rich in fiber, especially of vegetable material.

Vegetable composition as the manufacture of gado gado vegetables can be changed according to your liking. There are many kinds of vegetable material that you can use as a hodgepodge of materials, such as spinach, beans, squash, bean sprouts and cabbage. Spinach itself can be changed to spinach or other vegetables according to your taste. The food is typical of this Betawi actually include typical snack derivative China. If you want to make your own, prescription hodgepodge Jakarta is also very easy to follow.

Because, Gado gado Betawi including one typical traditional culinary icon of Indonesia. One characteristic that is inherent from this one meal is peanut sauce topping a very interesting and delicious eaten. If you want to try this hodgepodge Jakarta then you can try it yourself at home in ways that are very easy. Recipes hodgepodge Jakarta is not difficult, you simply presenting fresh vegetables that will be steamed and sprinkled with peanut sauce were tasty and delicious.

As with Karedok Betawi, To enjoy hodgepodge Jakarta, you can add crackers as supplementary materials and a sprinkling of fried onions if desired. With the addition of this complementary materials makes dining a culinary hodgepodge Jakarta becomes more special and privileged. In addition to the additional supplementary materials crackers and fried onions, you can also add it to the rice cake. Good rice cake or rice could be an option Betawi culinary complement this. In How to Make Gado-gado, you also do not need to use a lot of cooking oil because it simply by steaming hodgepodge only been able to eat. So, hodgepodge including healthy food, tasty, delicious and practical for you to eat. es buah.

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Serve Ice Fruit Specials For Your Family

Serve Ice Fruit Specials For Your Family - Fresh fruit soup recipe ice typical drink Bandung is very suitable as a sniper thirst reliever. Moreover, if presented in the middle of the day when the weather is hot, it will be a kind of refreshment energy generation that is able to restore your spirit again in an instant.

Iced fruit soup today is no longer the drinks are included in the new category known by the people of Indonesia. To get it was not difficult because so many sellers iced fruit soup that you can encounter on the roadside. As if like a magnet, ice fruit soup or fruit cocktail named Cool is like to be able to attract your taste to taste, especially during the day when the state of the heat. Definitely has become one of the main targets of your lunch while.

Bandung typical drinks are loaded with a variety of fruits is indeed not difficult to make. If you want to try to make it, then there are some ingredients that you should prepare in advance include a wide variety of fresh fruits such as melons, cantaloupe, apple, grape, dragon fruit, coconut and others that will be used as a material- the main ingredient. Besides fruits, there are some more material that must be added to make it taste more fresh fruit and steady. So you do not even curious to immediately try to make it, then the various blog will provide fresh fruit soup recipe typical ice Bandung complete with how to make it.

The main ingredients of iced fruit soup:
1/4 cut melons
1/4 cut cantaloupe fruit
1 piece of fresh apple
5 grains of grapes
3 strawberries
1 dragon fruit
1 whole young coconuts
200 milliliters of syrup aroma of vanilla
1 can of sweetened condensed milk white
Ice cubes as needed

How to make ice fruit soup:
- Peel all fruit and cut to size according to taste. In order to look beautiful and the same piece, use a scraper or a fruit cocktail sized hemispherical.
- Put all the pieces with each piece composition according to taste into a large container or bowl.
- Add ice cubes and pour vanilla syrup and milk.
- Ice fruit soup is ready to serve.

Not hard not to make it ?. To obtain a wide variety of other flavors, you can also replace the ice with ice cream into the soup durian fruit to get different flavors of ice fruit soup more often you drink. Especially if you are a fan of durian, the fruit king will certainly be one of the special sweet taste of your special drink menu. Good luck. pancake.

This is Very Easy Steps to Make Pancake

This is Very Easy Steps to Make Pancake - Pancakes or which in Indonesian means pancakes (cake pan) This is one of the many of the most popular desserts in Indonesia. Even pot pie recipe is not only well known in some countries, almost the whole world has to know these pastries. In Indonesia, the manufacturing process is similar to pancake griddle cake that uses pan (pan) while cooking, only a thin layer (topping) used slightly different.

To make the pancakes are actually not difficult because of the time taken is also quite short. It just might require precision so that the dough does not burn during cooking. If you want to try to make one type of pancakes with fresh and delicious flavor, then surely article plum strawberry pancake recipe can be a reference for you. The materials you need to make this strawberry pancakes, among others, are as follows.

Pancakes Ingredients:
130 grams of wheat flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
250 grams of cheese
150 milliliters of milk white
4 eggs
2 tablespoons canola vegetable oil (canola oil)
1 teaspoon butter

Pancake sauce ingredients:
5 strawberries
1 plums
2 tablespoons sugar
4 scoops of strawberry flavored syrup
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
30 milliliters of water

How to make pancakes:
Prepare the container then enter the flour, baking soda, sugar and salt and mix until evenly distributed.
In a separate container mix the eggs with cheese, milk and canola oil and shake until evenly distributed.
The next step is to enter a mixture of flour, baking soda, sugar and salt that had been made into a mixture of eggs, cheese, milk and canola oil. Mix well until a dough cake.
Prepare a nonstick skillet and heat 1 teaspoon of butter on top. Currently has a hot skillet, pour the pancake batter until lightly browned. Use a small fire that cooked through. Back and turn the dough when needed.
When the cake has been baked pancakes, lift and separate on a plate.