Senin, 27 Juli 2015

Eating Bubur Ayam Morning

Eating Bubur Ayam Morning - Tempe Bacem, who does not know the food on this one? Tempe bacem enter the ranks of traditional food is still popular. Especially the Java community who is familiar with the food on this one. Even the Jakarta began making tempe bacem innovation by making brand Tempe bacem Jakarta. Archipelago cuisine is savory and sweet, reinforced by an attractive color from red sugar. It is conceivable, sugar and other spices seep into it.

Tempe bacem already well known by the public archipelago since time immemorial. Bacem Tempe is actually derived from the spice bacem which has been famous since the days of the ancestors of the kingdoms of Java. This Bacem give to a food preservation and is usually used for tempeh or tofu. For bacem tasty tempeh recipe is easy because it uses only coconut water which makes the taste of sweet and savory. Moreover penyantapan bacem tempeh is done together family and closest colleagues; must have been incredible joy.

In addition Bacem Chicken Recipes that have tremendous health value, Tempe bacem also has a high protein content. Want to know how to make tempeh bacem tasty and tender? Yuk listened well Recipes Indonesia explain below!