Senin, 27 Juli 2015

Make Capcay Delicious Very Easy

Make Capcay Delicious Very Easy - Who does not know hodgepodge? Gado gado is a food that consists of steamed vegetables earlier and mixed with peanut sauce very tasty. Gado gado is a typical food of the archipelago which until now has favored the people of Indonesia. Gado gado is not only good for eat, but also including food cheap and populist. Eating gado gado also not make you fat, you know, because this meal is rich in fiber, especially of vegetable material.

Vegetable composition as the manufacture of gado gado vegetables can be changed according to your liking. There are many kinds of vegetable material that you can use as a hodgepodge of materials, such as spinach, beans, squash, bean sprouts and cabbage. Spinach itself can be changed to spinach or other vegetables according to your taste. The food is typical of this Betawi actually include typical snack derivative China. If you want to make your own, prescription hodgepodge Jakarta is also very easy to follow.

Because, Gado gado Betawi including one typical traditional culinary icon of Indonesia. One characteristic that is inherent from this one meal is peanut sauce topping a very interesting and delicious eaten. If you want to try this hodgepodge Jakarta then you can try it yourself at home in ways that are very easy. Recipes hodgepodge Jakarta is not difficult, you simply presenting fresh vegetables that will be steamed and sprinkled with peanut sauce were tasty and delicious.

As with Karedok Betawi, To enjoy hodgepodge Jakarta, you can add crackers as supplementary materials and a sprinkling of fried onions if desired. With the addition of this complementary materials makes dining a culinary hodgepodge Jakarta becomes more special and privileged. In addition to the additional supplementary materials crackers and fried onions, you can also add it to the rice cake. Good rice cake or rice could be an option Betawi culinary complement this. In How to Make Gado-gado, you also do not need to use a lot of cooking oil because it simply by steaming hodgepodge only been able to eat. So, hodgepodge including healthy food, tasty, delicious and practical for you to eat. es buah.